05 Mar 2018

How did Branding Start?

At the beginning, Trade Marks did not exist as their recognized way nowadays. Marketing for Trade Marks process was not important as it is now. All it requires is that the quality of your product or service to be higher than the competitors’ one. Automatically, it will turn to be the best-selling brand on the market.

At first, let’s define Branding; It is a marketing process, mainly through creating a unique name, design or a special mark that identifies and differentiates a product or service from other products or services.

So, what necessitated the emergence of the Branding in this form?

With the development of market and increase of competition during the mid-20th century, quality became extremely close and was no longer the only product distinguished mark. Of course, this led the companies to try to find other was to distinguish themselves and continue as a strong and distinguished mark in market which resulted in the emergence of Branding Concept known today.

It began in the 1950s where the pioneering companies work in consumable goods, after noticing the development of companies around, innovated a new term, that is Brand Management. Thus the term Brand Manager.

Brand Manager is the person  responsible for a particular service or product provided by the company. This Manager shall be responsible for distinguishing this product from other competitors. Furthermore, he is responsible for developing a clear vision and image for that product and where it should be among competitors. Certainly, this requires broad understanding of target audience or what is named as Branded Position which give a sentimental value for the product not only a purely marketing process.

Why the Sentimental Value? Well, over time, this Sentimental Value will increase, grow and be related to the target audience of this Brand which gives you a distinguished position before audience and also enhances the opportunities your audience’s relation with product by more than one part and not only depending on the quality of your product.

Over time, Branding developed significantly. Through the attempt of great companies to develop their own business interface, the criteria required for Branding were set for all trademarks recognized nowadays accompanied by a great number of experiences and it became necessary for the emergence of a new term along with the development of concepts so that the term Brand Mix was innovated.

Brand Mix Term is no longer means the logo of company, product or price only, but extended to include packaging, marketing offers and also product advertising. Certainly, all these matters under the management and directions of Branded Position Process.

This Marketing Method has been only belonged to great companies owing resources and experiences adequate to spend on a full department of Marketing and manage the project professionally till some matters began to change in 1990s where the Retailers had an opportunity to enter market strongly, start Branding and challenge the great companies in this regard by increasing sales in a higher quality.by this way, they increased profits as well as creating a strong reputation that turned into strong Brands.

It does not stop at this point, but extended to include many other sectors which developed to become a strong Brand or may be one of the greatest Brands in their field. The most outstanding examples are companies like LG, HTC and many others.

It does not stop at this point, with the development of Digital Means and entering into Marketing strongly, Branding became more digitized, particularly by the increased Social Media importance and became an important interface for Brands and more widely windows to reach the audience by the easiest ways, better able to identify and analyze results  more effectively. Also, this development led to entry of new players in the market and introduce themselves as Brands. It is no longer limited to Great Companies or even the medium.

Some studies indicate that the average of the western national’s view of Brand Messages is approximately 3000 messages per day. It is a too large number and it may not be always positive as the consumer may be confused because of many options around and inability to identify the best for him, but it may be good for the market itself in terms of the increase of competition which would lead the different Brands in all its sizes and directions to compete to provide the best services by more innovative ways to gain advantages over their competitors.

Now, to raise an important question, Do you think that development will continue and take ways more digitized, or the pioneers of Traditional Marketing can challenge this momentum and get the market back from the hands of technology?