15 Feb 2018

Google and Facebook, Angels or Demons?

Facebook and Google are seeking profits and that’s what they all care about!

Facebook has decreased the appearance rates of (“Post” Post Reach”) in order to force the pages owners to pay against the advertisements so Facebook earns profit!

All these websites seek to make profit as their goals are purely commercial.

All the above are models of many judgments and opinions  pursued by a lot of people against the world internet pioneers topped by “Google” and “Facebook through which millions of different forms of Digital Content are posted whether they are read, visual or audio in hundreds of languages and dialects.


Others believe that the quality of the content, and its relevance to users interests and tendencies, is what Google or Facebook are looking for, and this is clear in their ongoing updates.

So, the question is, are these judgments true, false and how true or false they are?


Facebook Algorithm

There is no doubt that Facebook is interested in providing the best experience for its users, the content quality and its linkage to the user interests are the most important issues looked for by the developers of Facebook continuously as they make modifications and updates to the site to this end.


Facebook cares about the quality of the product which appears to its users in terms of the written content quality, the image quality and dimensions, the video quality and the quality of the content itself, not only that, Facebook is also interested in what is shown to you is within your interests and preferences!

But how does this work?

Actually, Facebook innovated Algorithm to that end, through this Algorithm, Facebook ensures that what is shown on user’s homepage (news feed) satisfies him and acquires his interest, one of the most important features of how this algorithm works is prioritizing the content which appears from pages, groups or even persons you interacted with in any way, for example, if one day you liked or commented a post posted on Barcelona Club page, in addition to clicking the Like Icon of the page, the chances of seeing posts from this page increase, as Facebook considers that what the page displays for you is of a quality that you like and interest.


Another example, when you always talk with one of your friends via Facebook messenger, Facebook considers that you have a strong relationship care with what your friend do on Facebook, posts of this friend appears to you more than any other friend.


So, if you are responsible for marketing the page of your company or product, you should know that delivering an attractive and good content from the perspective of your target people is the most important and the first step to care about if you want your page to be effective and influent, You will not succeed using advertisements only, and all cases, bad content will not succeed even if you spend millions of dollars on Facebook Ads to promote it.


Facebook does not care about the content of what is posted only, the developers always develop some ways of  tracking misleading content and try to hide it and penalizes the post owner. Facebook developers have declared combating the Click bait or the content which acquires clicks on the External Links using misleading means such as posting an image with a video playback button to make the user feel that the video is available, but once the user clicks the image, it takes him to another website.

It is necessary to know that since the early times of the age of the world’s largest social network “Facebook”, the posts containing external links are the least posts which appear to Facebook users, also Facebook always seeks to ensure that the external links shown containing a benefit and information for the user.

Google’s Ranking Factors

A long time ago, Google, the world’s  technology leader has started its war against the weak content through developing a set of factors determining the priority of the content appearance in the search results of the world’s greatest Search Engine, these factors were about 200, as this represents the backbone of the process of improving the websites appearance on the Search Engines )Search Engine Optimization SEO) in addition to the ongoing updates aimed at rewarding good content owners with increased chances of appearing on the first page of search pages (SERP) and penalizing the content in contrary to Google’s terms and conditions.

Google penalizes the websites which post a content stolen from other websites, on the other hand, Google is interested in rewarding the owners of the good content which provides new information unavailable on the internet adequately, it encourages using the images and videos for supporting the written content and providing it with information and clarifications, not only that, it also cares about the coordination of form, colors and fonts, while penalizes the content concerning only with increasing the rate of visits while it is useless, misleading or deceptive.


What are the reasons beyond interesting in the quality of content?

When we find that the capital of any website – especially social networks – are its users and the time used in browsing it, we will understand quickly the importance beyond gaining the trust of these websites’ users and their desire to browse them continuously in addition to spending a lot of time on, so, even if we agree that these websites are aiming at profit in one way or another, so it is within their interest to be satisfied by providing good service with good content for the prospective of the targeted people in order to make profit.

These websites may adopt “lofty values” and community responsibility by providing e-platforms which offer useful and amusing content that does not cause harm to individuals or communities, but these values remain doubtable, while the business and commerce language undoubtedly tell us that delivering good content is the key to success in the age of the Internet, whether  this success is the spread or increase in the popularity, awareness of the idea or achieving sales and gaining material profits.


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