05 Feb 2018

How did newsjacking & trends become useful for companies?

Have you ever tried ‘Surfing the waves’ before?

Not the sea wave, but the public opinion, the common topics, and the subject more discussion among people wave.

In the past, that expression ‘ Surfing the waves’ was generally said among the public before Facebook, Twitter, Social Media and Online Conversations appeared.That expression was said about those who imitate an idea or discuss a topic or participate in a common activity among people that person “surfing the wave.” This thing may be positive and may be negative. This may be a blind imitation without any benefit and cause harm to the person or society and may be true, acceptable and beneficial for all..

Such as: “How many shares of your pages required to give me a bedroom free?”… “Egypt in the World Cup” … “Telecom Egypt” … “Vodafone Advertisements”…the rainbow flag”… “The jellyfish” … “Alexandria Building”.. and others ..

All of the above are common topics of interest to the public opinion in Egypt, especially on the social media, some of those moved to both of the television, radio, in the public means of transportation and cafes, which that called “Trend”.

The trend is what people are talking about naturally, whether it is criticism, praise, discussion, joke, or any form of interaction with the topic. But what we’re going to talk about here is the interaction of Brands with Trend. We’ll see what reality says here. And what is the truth and what is wrong thing and why.


Before going into a review of what is happening actually in Egypt and abroad, we will agree on two points, and learn about two methods of marketing:


  1. Social media or “social networking sites” are basically for the purpose of connecting people with their interests, joys and sorrows. Therefore, it is important for you as a business owner when you decided to enter the social media world that not separate from reality and be interactive with the interests of your audience and the topics that concern them, Such as sports, art, fashion, music, movies, and culture, etc., also occasions, holidays, and trends. For example, if your business is based in Alexandria and a train accident has happened in the city of Alexandria, you must not post a post about your product including joking, you must be taken into consideration your around affected people and their interested and mood.


  1. Do your best to stay away from talking about subjects that have differences between people or the sensitive topics that can cause loss of a part of your audience, the most popular topics are (religion, politics and the football game).


  1. Newsjacking

It is one of the most important marketing methods that revolve around the idea that the Brand is interacting with news and public events quickly, in a manner that is acceptable and appropriate to the objectives and nature of the brand and its target audience and its interaction, whether online or offline.


  1. Real-time Marketing

It is another method of marketing techniques that depend on readiness and processing to interact with an event that just happens directly.


Wonderful.. What does the reality say?

One of the best-known brands on the newsjacking and real-time marketing in the world is Oreo. It is one of the most popular models of this kind is what happened from their side when the power out during the most important match in the Super Bowl

When they tweeted this tweets on twitter.

Why are those the best tweets that worked on newsjacking?

It is the best tweets for these reasons:

  1. Speed to exploit the situation.
  2. Fit tweets with brand image and target audience.
  3. The text was simple, expressive and attractive artwork.


Before the beginning of the same match singer Beyonce sang a song, they posted this post after she ended immediately which was often pre-prepared to congratulate her on her performance:


Of course, this is not the only example. These are other examples:

Tide reaction with the power outages in the Super Bowl match

An Australian insurance company reaction to President Obama’s visit to Australia and gave him an insurance policy against crocodile bites

Taking advantage of Newsjacking, Real-time marketing, and interaction with Trend is not only about Shares, Retweets, and Online Engagement, but also when the topic is unique and powerful, the media starts talking about the topics, and the brand name became popular between the public.

And what happens in Egypt?

Today, in Egypt, the Newsjacking near remains as a routine and runs on a daily basis, it is working in a way that has a good choice and focus, and this caused difficulty for the success of this method, because this method follows are so much. So, it is important that you do it very well as it can be appears among the many brands who followed the same method.

One of the most popular brands that focus on and react to the trend is “TODO” and “Twinkies”, so much so that, almost all of their content is a reaction to Trends. The two companies made that in a light and comedy style and linked to the marketing message of the brand and the light Egyptian brand voice.


Also, Birell doing it at intervals with an appropriate way for the Brand Positioning, and this is one of the most important elements to keep in mind when thinking about interacting with Trend to take advantage of this interaction. No any Trend may interact with it, nor any way suits with your brand.


Midraj Company and Azarita Building


We note from all of the above that, most of the Brands interaction with Trends is in a mild and comedic way, and stated at the beginning of the article that it may not be a natural disaster or incident and ignore that, but the company “Midraj” emerged as a strong example of interaction with a tragic event in a respectful manner and all people praised its attitude. In June 2017, there was a partial collapse of a residential building in the city of Alexandria, and it completely affected another building next to it. This threatened the people lives in the area, and the people in Egypt were talking about that event.

“Midraj” is a co-working space or it is as a shared workspace, provides spaces and halls for work and study, it was interacting with the event by announcing a special offer for students which affected by that disaster. Its Post has spread significantly and achieved more than 6,000 Like, 5,400 Share and 500 positive comments.


The used words in its Post expressed the friendly condition and the desire to help and appreciate the situation significantly with people. The page used influential words such as: “our students’ friends”, “our building as your second home”, and “we are under your command”. Not only that, but they also thanked other places that provided their similar assistance.

The Artwork was simple and their color was expressive for the event and also it kept their Brand Identity.

Conclusions, in order to get the most out for your company from “Trend”, consider that:

  1. Urgency, no more than 24 hours from the time the news is published or the beginning of the talk about Trend.
  2. Maintain the Brand Positioning and your Audience talking style.
  3. Not attacking or insulting a particular group or entity directly or implicitly.
  4. Do not use Newsjacking just for use only, there must be a new presence you have to offer and admire the people, and it must be distinctive whether as an idea or its implementation.

What is the best interaction you have seen with Trend in the past period? And which other elements you prefer to benefit from the trend more?