25 Dec 2017

How to be creative at your work

creativity tree animation
If you are working at the Digital Marketing, especially the social media marketing, you often heard the this word from before or hear it every day from your manager, colleague or even the client.
So, what is the tale of “I want to have it creative”?
Simply, if you are a designer and working at you work, suddenly someone says “we want to implement this design, you are required to do so and so but the design idea should be creative”
Regardless this person, this person does not understand the meaning of “creative”, what he cares about is to make the design so attractive. Actually this word has its own criteria which we should follow in order to be creative.

7 steps to be creative at your work:
1. Leave the work world for a period of time and think about something else such as having a walk, listening to music in a quiet place, cooking you favorite food or even have it by delivery service, but if you do not like any of these ideas, you may sleep for a period of time as we have most of creative ideas when sleeping and when waking up, we implement them immediately.

2. Talk with persons out of your work world. There are studies saying that if you want to have a new idea, it is better to talk with some persons in anything except the work ant it is better if they were out of the work world, your conversation will open new topics and ideas which will lead to the creative idea you look for

3. Have the new start point
Handling problems differs from person to the other, one prefers to start with the difficult part and works on it for a long time while if he starts with the easy part, he will save effort ant time and open ways to deal with the difficult part, this is what we should do when working on a new creative idea.

4. Stay away from Brainstorming in big groups
We usually turns to Brainstorming before thinking in any new creative idea, while Brainstorming in big groups will not lead to the same results. Instead, we may refer to the digital brainstorming through chat room through which we can collect ideas written in one place to be referred to at the end of the Brainstorming

5. Reconsidering the old favorites
As we mentioned before that talking with other people and thinking about things other than work matters is necessary to get into the mood and think about creative ideas, on the other hand, returning to the past, reviewing the old books and ideas you wrote before and visiting the places you were used to visit will play a great role in refreshing your brain and generating new creative ideas

6. The theory of Don’t Break the chain
Finding a creative idea is not difficult, the more difficult is to find a creative person. Many creative person said “it is necessary to keep your creativity through encouraging yourself, focusing on your success and to have a motivation to repeat this success a day by day. The theory of Jerry Seinfeld concerning this topic says “don’t break the chain”. i.e to encourage your creativity, make a sign in the calendar every day you achieve an achievement, hence, you will keep making an achievement every day

How many of these steps do you take to generate creative ideas?