05 Dec 2017

Influencer Marketing


Recently, the social media witnessed the matter of INFLUENCERS, all social media users talked about this the matter and knew its influence while some of them tried it at work and observed its influence and the marked increase of the Reach themselves.

So, what the matter in fact is and what are the INFLUENCERS and how they affect the social media?

The matter started in the past with stars and celebrities, but now, the influencers are completely different. They are not only stars and celebrities, the YouTube celebrities, Bloggers and ordinary people have became INFLUENCERS online.

To make the best benefit from the INFLUENCERS, you have to keep the power of the of your Social Media Strategy and care about the power of your content so it fits the Brand Image in order to make all things in parallel with each other. If you are going to launch a campaign using an Influencer, so you have to do your best and not to depend on the influencer completely, it is a fatal mistake to depend on the influencer and ignore the content and the campaign idea which are will be base of your success.

The main reason beyond using the Influencer marketing is to increase the Reach and achieve the unreachable targets through the Brand, hence, you should look for a suitable person to help you achieve your target.

The idea if influencer marketing is based on the mutual confidence between the Influencer and his followers, this helps the Brand to deliver its message quicker than before and the image clarifies the idea more than before.

How to choose the influencer that will benefit you at your business?

First of all, bear in your mind that there three standards upon which you can choose the influencer.


1- Relevance

You should make sure of anything the written by the influencer is related to the Brand and targets the audience


2- Reach

The number of the persons receiving the influencer marketing should be within the brand target


3- Resonance

The amount of engagement which will be made by the influencer should be in favor of the Brand and all related to.

Although the influencer has a great effect on the audience and achieves a satisfactory results, but we cannot depend on the influencers completely as the strong strategy including achieving the Brand targets will make you achieve the biggest Reach.


In order to make sure that you choose a suitable influencer for the Brand, you have to know well what does he write and what topics does he speak about?, start building a strong relation with him and know everything about him so you became convinced to ask him to be with you, to do that effectively, you may use one of the tools which help you to find the suitable influencers and track the campaign on which they work together

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