15 Dec 2017

things you may do to keep your Brand identity

The concept of the famous and big brand which is well known to the persons who remember anything related to once they see something related that brand is no longer available nowadays, as  most people are no longer care about the Branding as before, while the branding makes no link with the people, all what these persons care about is the profit they will gain from the Brand.

So, we are busy all the time with how to maintain and keep the Brand and make it bigger and more famous among people in order to make the biggest profits, hence, today we are going to talk about 6 things which you should avoid when working and if you want to maintain the your own Brand.

As you see, the following figure shows the most things we do which cause losses to the Brand


1. Too many promotional messages

excessive promotional messages will force the people to unfollow the brand. Regardless that this is a spam, but really it annoys the person receiving those messages, especially if repeatedly and in the same form.

You may use another way of sending messages without annoying the receiver, e.g. once a month with a good and attractive design or make a Call to Action to make people interact with your message instead of being just messages receivers.

 2. Information not relevant

Avoid any information non relating to the Brand which is just to increase the rate of likes.

Be honest with yourself and your fans as if you write anything which is not related to you, it may cause loss to the Brand, be patient and try many types of content, if this does not succeed this time, it will definitely succeed in the next tim

3. Too much tweets

The message here is the quality not the quantity.

The idea is neither making many tweets a day, nor tweeting a tweet once every one minute, it is bigger than it looks, the tweets tweeted should be related to the Brand itself and there should be an enough time between each tweet, you should also care about the right timing to tweet on twitter. This applies also to posting in general, not only the tweets only, as each platform has a different case which we should understand and know how to deal with.

4. Using of jargon doesn’t fit brand

Of course using terms non relating to the brand neither will be good nor useful to the brand, absolutely, this may make a temporary show and affect the Brand on the long term, not only that, but also it may change the fans impression of the brands.

 5. Too Quiet

Saying that excessive tweeting or posting may affect the Brand does not mean to refraining completely from tweeting or posting  to the extent that makes people forget the brand and what its business was. What is mean is to have a moderate rate of posting and tweeting, also not to stop posting suddenly for a long time and then resume posting or tweeting a gain, according to the proverb which says ” best of choices is the middle”, we should know what the brand need and what should we do, will the increase in the posting rates make a benefit?, will hanging posting and resuming it after a period of time benefit us?, hanging posting for a period of time and back again in a new form will benefit us more? Or we would better continue at the same rate all the time?. We must ask all these questions and find the answers as they will make help us develop and improve our brand and understand the nature of our business.

6. Don’t reply to fans

The worst thing you may do at all is ignoring the Fans

Whether in messages or in comments, you should reply the fans inquiries and if you can complement or joke them without any hesitation as this improves the relation between the Brand and Fans and provide them with confidence towards the Brand. This is also is considered an indirect marketing, as through good dealing with Fans, you will make them talk about you with others, nothing is better than talking about your brand in a good manner for free