05 Jan 2018

Social Media Marketing Ethics

Business ethics must be your top priority when you start your own business. It is an essential part of your work strategy particularly when it is related to external dealings like marketing and public relations.

A major and main part of marketing is lately depending on digital marketing by direct dealing with the targeted people via social media channels and direct interaction with questions and comments of people. So it is necessary for them to put identify ethical rules. As the error is considered an example of professionalism and it became unaccepted error that may affect the institution in full.

An example indicating so:

Walmart: Fat Girl Costumes

In 2014 alongside Halloween, Walmart company adds a new department for its website named by Fat Girl Costumes

He faced a great amount of anger because of inappropriate language used as an insult for some girls. The angry people tweet unsatisfactorily so it is supposed not to be published like that from their website but it was over. Great errors and disasters may occur because of an offensive and careless word for some people. It was our objective; to indicate the work  ethics via digital marketing channels and to avoid any errors that may occur because of it.

Let’s start mentioning the most important ethics to be considered:

* Know your audience well

The basics when your digital strategies start are to know your targeted audience, their benefits, their geographic distribution, their ages, what are they doing, what do they prefer , what do they hate or like to read and etc.. The more your information about them increases, the more your knowledge with them and the less to get into trouble .

* Always be neutral:

As a business owner or marketer, you should always deal with your people with the same neutrality., you should not differentiate between people because of their gender, religion, color, thoughts or any other kinds. As indicated above, only one error could lead to great problems.

* Don’t penetrate privacy

Always people are the most important when dealing with digital marketing so we should take care  for their privacy.  personal space is always very important for people and particularly for new generations who are using internet. Ensure that conducting digital campaigns gives great interest for people’s privacy either it was informational confidentiality, non-instructive or impose campaign in force in any possible way, finally people are the decision owner sand maker to accept your campaign or not.

* Be honest

Always be honest with your strategy and your direct interaction with people. You have to provide your product or service honestly. You have to answer honestly and transparently and accept the next opinions and deal correctly.

It is the most important ethics in our prospective, what could you add for them?