25 Mar 2018

The Product and its’ marketing… Which came first the Chicken or the egg?

The Product and its marketing… Chicken or egg? Which came first!

We all know that the chicken was an egg firstly, and then the egg is hatched and the chicken comes out of it and that the egg was produced by another chicken, but where did that other chicken come from? Did it come from another egg?

Well, where did that other egg come from? Did it come from a third chicken?

So, whichever comes first; egg or the chicken?

Chicken or the egg is one of the most famous Causality dilemmas that philosophers and philosophers have discussed in the past, but this is not our subject, although our subject is related to this dilemma and we will recognize it at the end of this article.

Selling “Nothing” does not bring any profits!

One of the biggest problems for companies’ owners and entrepreneurs is to think of everything about their product which they are offering, except to think about the product itself, which is their last priority, as they think that the idea of the product alone is enough to sell itself.

But when we consider realistically, we find that there are several basic elements in case of their absence no benefit from any effort to promote the product.  Therefore, you must consider the following points:


  • People do not spend money or time to buying or using a bad product or service. Do not overlook this fact. And do not wait for a positive reaction from any marketing activity if your product is basically bad.
  • If your product does not exist, you will not make a profit at all. Of course, it’s obvious and axiom, but it means that: If there are problems with distributing your product in the different outlets, you will not achieve the results and expected profits before you resolve this problem.
  • If you announce specific specifications that will be available in your product, then the consumers discover that your product has not, you should first take care to clearly modify those specifications or work on the product to meet your specifications. Keeping credibility between you and your consumers is the most important step before any new marketing steps.


Idea, implementation, and then marketing


A project starts with an idea. This idea was simple and can be described in a few words, such as: “We will open a mobile store,” or “we will set up a technology services company” or “we will make skin care products.”

Then, both of the detailed information about that idea, planning, and the administrative and legal procedures come.

After that, we proceed to the implementing stage, processing the product, opening a place to provide the service or product, and then start to sell the product or the service.

All of these go through stages and steps sequentially, and this requires many and varied efforts. Then, – after all – the stage of marketing and promotion of the product with different tools of marketing comes. And any deficiencies in the previous stages result in the ineffectiveness of subsequent stages. That arrangement is logical, professional, uncontested and indispensable to success, and here we find that the marketing phase comes in a late order compared to the other steps.

Therefore, marketing does not reform what has been corrupted by other project phases.

The Social Media & Sales

Both of the Social media, social networking sites, or the social networks started at the beginning and continued as a Means of communication for people, by chatting, sharing personal photos, and everyday activities, so social media or social networks have their Social communication rules and how visitors use them. So, entering any business into these sites for the purpose of marketing a product or service must be done with caution, taking into account those rules. And the most important of these rules is not to be out from the social communication framework. Also, you must consider the culture and interests of your target audience. And you should also work to approaching with them to reach your target audience and Gain their follow-up, not only by offering your products offers and discounts, but by engaging with them with appealing content that captures their interest, and contributes to solving their problems or answers their questions, or through your contributions with them their interests and social events and to close their personal lives commensurate with your brand.

After this quick tour of the world of commerce and its relationship to the social networking, we would like to share your opinion and answer to the following question: Which is the first and must come first? The Product or its marketing is first and important?