Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic is the art of moving stills through time. Motion Graphics became very popular as it’s giving life to static drawings and artworks. the technique is well known since the traditional tools, but it spreads out a lot on the last few decades with the revolution of digital tools and became faster and easier to execute. Motion Graphic is one of the most famous art forms in the animation field because of its diversity and easiness. You already see Motion Graphics everyday even if you can’t realize this, you see Motion Graphics in Movie Credits, TV, Commercials, Mobile Applications, Games, and many other. Motion Graphics serve very well in delivering the message, increasing awareness and explain complicated issues.In the last year’s, there was a trend of mixing between explainer videos and cartoon animation, which helps to improve the quality of infographic/explainer videos and made it fun to watch which increase the base of audience who are watching it.

At Tree Advertising, we have a team that has a vast experience in explainer video from a long time, and they did develop it through its process of including cartoon animation, which allowed us to create the best market quality videos in the region. We didn’t stop there, but we also used Digital Painting style in some of our videos to increase reality for drama purposes and help delivering some intense feeling stories to the viewers.

So what do we offer in Motion Graphics?

Explainer Motion Graphics: 

Converting complex data into easy visuals that can deliver your information or message in a great eye-candy video.

TV Titles & Channel Branding: 

Using animation to create unique and catchy titles and programme packages for TV including (channel identity – intro & titles – logos animation – fillers – promos).


Either it is a service or a product, fully motion graphics or just graphics on live footage, a back-shot or a typo, 3d or 2d. We can help making your commercial more attractive and shiny.

We believe it’s your right to know how the work is done, we have a process that can allow you to be in the production flow step by step:

  • We start with receiving your brief, then arrange for a PPM(Pre-Production Meeting) to understand your product or service, discussing the brief and sharing ideas.
  • Next we start converting the ideas into a written scriptthat tells the story and shows the narration and initial visuals for it.
  • Once the script is approved, we will provide you with a varsity of VOartists based on your script’s language, accent and suggested tone, once you choose, we start recording immediately.
  • Parallel with the voice recording, based on your request we start to visualize the script into a Storyboard to clear the visuals more.
  • Next stage is the Art Direction, in which we create a style frame (1 to 3 frames) with the colors and the main character (if there’s any) to show you the final look of the video.
  • Once the style frame is approved, we start the next stage, Illustrations, and complete drawing the whole video with its all elements, and send it back again so you can see how every sentence of your script will look like.
  • The Animation is what comes next, the magic of bringing the still drawings to life and add our joy recipe to the video.
  • Now adding some special sound effects and synchronizing the movement with the ear, making the Sound Designto the final output and make it speaks for itself.
  • Finally, we are here, the video is done and all little tweaks are adjusted, here comes the Deliveryin whatever format you want.

We worked with some wonderful and honorable clients in Motion Graphics as:

  • Microsoft
  • Schneider Electric
  • Mondelez
  • Otlob
  • Many Ministries in Saudi Arabia
    • Ministry of Education
    • Ministry of Health
    • Ministry of Interior
    • Ministry of Commerce