15 Jan 2018

What is Social media strategy?

Strategy means a long term plan. For example I plan to be in another place after five years, so what is the relation between plans and social media?

In social media, I should have a plan to achieve my targets. The  plans of social media  have two kinds:

1- plan, it is a plan with several details that I can do directly without other plans

2 strategy, it is a vision without more details because it is in general . we need to have a detailed plan before executing strategy.

We use the first type for actual execution while the second type is used to publish a vision which is boarder than a plan

Strategy depends upon:

1- Situational analysis

In which we identify our position of social media, our numbers and analysis indicating the distance from our competitors, it shall be done for the account for strategy

2- Competitive analysis

As we do above, we shall do for our competitors to appreciate the difference between us and how far we are.


It is finding some data to help. It means four aspects

  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Opportunity
  • Threats

The idea is that we try to know our strengths and weaknesses and how could we treat it and also know the challenges that we face and how to overcome them. The most important aspect  is to know the risk around us and how could  we deal with it by minimum loss.

4- objective

After conducting analysis required for us and for others and after proposing things that help us to be better, thus we start identifying our own objective upon which our strategy is built upon

5- Brand persona

We try to imagine our target audience and draw an image expressing its personality and all what he is doing. It is important to know that there are no certain standards to be followed but forming brand persona according to experience and nature of brand.

6- Target Audience

After adopting brand personal, we became able to know more about Our Target audience and identify their accurate data like age group, place, education, social level and other data that may help us to reach more rapidly.

7- Media Mix

It is important to know which platform where we are and what we could offer so this step is very important because it instructs you where could you be according to your brand nature. It Is not useful to occur at all platforms aiming to  deploy but it could ham the brand.

8- posting policy

After passing all the above steps, we will get the stage of posting, thus we began to wonder, “How many posts I will publish per day?”

In principal, let’s agree that it is not depending upon the number of posts, the more you publish, the less rate of engagement because posts don’t have enough time thus it may be lost. The rate of posts occurrence is not depending upon number of posts as the number  of people that like your page.

It is important to know accurately to know how to set response rate and try as much as possible to reply the people who are inquiring and interacting with us. The most important is to answer them in a short time and not to be absent for a long time and make our response time is little as possible.

9- Crisis Management

It is the last step to be followed at Social Media Strategy through which we can expect problems and crisis that could occur at our page. We try to convey solutions avoiding  for its occurrence in the future. We shall show you examples for brands that follow this method and how could it affects them and it was a positive aspect when occurring crisis.

After showing the 9 steps for setting Social Media Strategy, we will show you an example for strategy as the matter will be more obvious and if there is any unobvious step for you, you could follow the example and understand it