25 Jan 2018

What is Personal Branding?

Steve Jobs is the mastermind of Apple company, He always wears the same clothes. As well as Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder of face book and other well-known personalities. Those people explain this issue as Decision Fatigue.

Those don’t like to spend more time in low knowledge resolution for example what I shall  wear today, what I shall have for lunch, etc…. . Thus they reduce the number of daily resolutions in order to focus on important resolutions and giving them more time and focus. It is the real and quite common story of Entrepreneurs.

But are there another aspect for this issue? Yes, there may be another aspect which is the Personal Branding.

First, let’s ask What does Personal Branding mean?

In short, personal Branding can be described as a process for promoting a specific name, design or code to differentiate and discriminate a product or service than other products or services.

Thus this is a commercial meaning and enterprise-oriented to differentiate between products or services or some of them, isn’t it?

– No, not exactly. There is another meaning included within this term which is the Personal Branding.

Personal Branding is the ability of persons to provide themselves as a brand. This process depends mainly upon assuring an image and main fixed impression by developing a distinct mark for the person within minds of people.

Now, we started to understand why steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are usually wearing the same clothes. Now you are adopting a fixed image and distinct image for the public. If I asked you, what does Steve Jobs used to wear? You will reply saying black jacket, blue jeans and comfortable shoes .

Let’s try again, What does Mark Zuckerberg wear? He always wears gray T-shirt.
It is his trademark and the image that he draws at the people’s minds to be associated with him permanently.

Thus, do you think that it is related to Entrepreneurs only? No, the previous president of USA, Barack Obama, has always wore a blue or gray suit only these two colors. Also Albert Einstein, the physics scientist has always wore a gray suit. Therefore, all of them have created their own brand for which they are famous and it became their distinctive mark.

Good, you may not be an Entrepreneur or a famous person. Why do you interested in publishing your own brand? Taking care of distinguishing your-self shall open the door for better and more professionalism chances than the personal level or at the work level.

So what are the steps that should be followed to establish your own brand?

Good, the positive side is that it doesn’t require wearing the same clothes as Steve Jobs and others do.

There are some simple instructions that could be followed to discriminate yourself and by  keeping them, you can publish your strong personal branding.

* Identify your strength and excellence points well.

Think well for the properties and strength points that you gained during your life and professional career, study, identify and set them for using them when necessary. You can focus upon the best thing which others advice you to do well.

* Master these skills and make them your distinctive area

Once you identify your skills and strengths, improve them optimally. Always learn and don’t think that you get the highest levels. Always learn errors from your experiences and errors of others.

* Always be yourself

Don’t try fake and affectation in your personality. Find the appropriate way that fits your personality by which you can express yourself accurately. If you could master and provide this method perfectly, it shall be your own distinctive style.

* identify your goals and priorities:

It is always important to identify your goals and priorities at the short and long term. This matter can help you identifying your own image and also identifying the matters that deserve your own time. This matter is always important to know that you are at the true path.

Sure, you can add and develop more ideas and establish your own experience. This issue is not related to a set of steps could be followed to get a result. It is related to you and to what you could do.

Finally, we can say that getting personal business branding needs moer time and effort but results always deserve.