25 Feb 2018

YouTube train is leaving without you!

How many times have you seen your favorite series on YouTube instead of television?

Was it the last content you saw on TV or the Internet?

What was the last video you saw on the Internet? And, what was its duration?

How often have you seen a video on YouTube because it appeared in the suggested videos?

And how many times have you seen a television show because you see advertising about it?

If your answers to these questions are in favor of watching online compared to television, you must know that you are not alone.. Statistics indicate that the number of YouTube users exceeded one billion people around the world.

 For example, when comparing the video numbers on YouTube and what was shown on US television networks, it was found that YouTube videos uploaded within 30 days only exceeded what was broadcast over television for 30 years! 

No way TV beats YouTube

It is no exaggeration to say that YouTube today is more influential than the traditional means of showing the visual content such as television. This is not only for the United States or the technologically and culturally advanced countries, as we have asked you in the previous lines a few questions that will most likely be in favor of watching online. Today, you can watch your favorite series on YouTube at the suitable time for you, and avoid the long and boring TV ads breaks. Also, now, YouTube has the largest library for free documentaries.Today, we are noticing rapid growth of programs that are produced exclusively for YouTube, whether for amateur or professional people. This is in addition to the tutorials videos, and reviews for phones and electronic devices, and many other interesting materials.

YouTube did not stop at the stage of publishing the recorded video, but YouTube enabled the live broadcast for events and live broadcast to express the personal views and the owner views of the video and keep a recording of the broadcast and can be viewed it at any time later.


Television is not the only loser

The disappearance of the television popularity against YouTube is not only the matter, but its reaches to that; the singers publish their albums entirely on YouTube in conjunction with its presence in the market. Also, the views number on YouTube has become a key measure of success, and it became the only measure next to the sales of their concert tickets.

And more on this the audio books! Now, it is available to listen to your favorite books with a distinctive human voice takes you between the book pages without having to read the book in print or electronic version.

Ads on YouTube..Only

An important announcement from Coca- Cola Company…

You can see Ramadan’s ads for Coca – Cola this year on Facebook and YouTube only.


It was logical for brands to start advertising on YouTube in parallel with television. This still for years, until Coca- Cola announced in Ramadan 2015 that it would only publish its ads on YouTube and Facebook only to save the TV advertising cost to develop 100 poor villages in Egypt.

Then we saw many companies that are reducing their Ads times on TV to save the expenses in return for increased interest for YouTube Ads, until 2017, Pepsi ad was not only limited the ad to show it on YouTube but created it in a creative way to emphases that YouTube is coming strongly, also it is a sign of the increasing visibility of videos on smart phones, and you must learn that more than half of online video views are by the phone.

Five reasons to start your marketing step for your product on YouTube

  1. Low cost

The cost of advertising on YouTube is low compared to the costs of television advertising. Not only that, but it is also possible to make your Satisfactory profits by it.

  1. One picture is better than a thousand words

Studies – and perhaps no studies needing – have proven that visual content (image or video) has more impact on memory rather than words, and its effect lasts longer than written or audio content. Also, a survey shows consumers are willing to watch a product video more than 4 times willing to read the product information.

  1. Google likes video

If you’re interested in increasing your visits to your company’s website, we recommend that you must post videos to it, because Google increases the likelihood that your site will appear in its search engine if its content has varied and contains valuable videos.

  1. Videos are a good content

The visual content is generally a good, dazzling, and attractive content, with great creativity and excellence. All of these return to the interest of creating a good mental image of your product among your target audience and delivering the desired marketing message.

  1. Increasing popularity

The fifth reason is the growing popularity of YouTube in particular and watching the video on the Internet in general. It is no longer mere expectations, but a reality for everyone.