6 pros of using motion graphics to market your business

6 pros of using motion graphics to market your business

Whether you manage an entrepreneurial or a non-profit business, marketing is the most essential part of your job and it is essential to have a professional marketing agency like Tree Advertising to reach your needed outcomes.

Marketing comes in various, and continually increasing, forms. It has even developed into an umbrella under which tons of separate marketing specializations and tools are subsumed. Examples of such tools include offline marketing (e.g. posters, signs and events), TV and radio advertisements and e-marketing. Each of these marketing tools has its own sub-divisions.

However, video ads are the most prevalent form of marketing, particularly used by major companies and organizations. At the beginning, they used to be shown exclusively on TV channels, but then they spread on video-sharing websites (e.g. YouTube) and social media networks.

A video ad is created by capturing a number of footages in specific internal or external locations, considering special details and specifications. In this article, we will focus on another form of visual advertising, i.e. Motion Graphics.

The question we will answer is: what makes a business owner or a marketing director to use a studio or a motion graphics designer to market his products and services? What are the advantages of Motion Graphics? Do they offer a useful marketing tool?

six advantages of using motion graphics in marketing:
– A lower cost
If we wish to compare motion graphics with other advertising strategies, we can refer to video advertisements which are still heavily used and generously funded.

What is unique about motion graphics is that they are more than 50% economic. Managing budget and the optimal use of financial resources are one the most important considerations of entrepreneurs and business directors.

Unlimited potentials
Whatever your business idea, or the image you would like to communicate to your customers, Motion Graphics can turn imagination into reality that you can see and live with.

Can you imagine someone with five arms? A dragon breathing fire? A lion talking? A raining sky that suddenly turns into a shining sun?

Well, however far you go, motion graphics can do it for you !

Your message communicated easily

There is no doubt that the charming colors, spectacular movements, the fantastic photo and sound combinations, detailed animations and voice over can help you communicate your marketing message easily and quickly.

Appropriate for all age groups

Every business or product has its target customers who are looking for particular specifications. Since Motion Graphics have a super high-definition quality, in terms of photo and sound, they allow you to product the right ad for your target audience. There are innumerable options in animations, motion, sound effects and voice over.

Different, unique and attractive

As mentioned above, video ads are still dominant in the advertising market. However, not all these video productions hit the targets, attract audience or satisfy experts. On the contrary, Motion Graphic ads are unique and attractive, due to their distinct artistic and visual features.  

Interesting content

Motion Graphic videos are not only used for advertising purposes. They are a very valuable solution in case you need to explain technical or scientific information about a service or a product, list product use instructions, or announce a community event. They also help organizations illustrate their business procedures. A government, for instance, may need to highlight the rules of an election process, a banking institution may need to simplify financial information, e.g. how to open a bank account, an organization may wish to explore the statistics and figures of a particular project, state scientific facts or spread awareness of a disease.

All such advertising purposes can be boring if they are presented in a traditional way, whether written or filmed. Therefore, they might fail to spread as planned or deliver the advertising message. But with motion graphics, you can make any content an impressive work of art that hooks your target consumers and shows the desired result.