Do you think that only consumers decide to prefer one brand over another or there are hidden factors taking part in making that decision?
Many people think that their buying decision of a product is only a matter of free choice without paying attention to the influence of advertising boards, TV and radio commercials, newspapers, social media ads and most importantly the influence of the opinions and impressions of others about that product.

How consumers become convinced of a product over another?
Companies start the process of advertising by identifying the unmet needs of consumers and potential customers then encouraging them to buy those products highlighting the aspects which satisfy those needs. For example, you can notice that chocolate commercials stress on how having ‘chocolate’ arouse a feeling of happiness. As a result, this product builds in the minds of consumers a specific image about how to satisfy this need. Another example is how soft drink commercials stress on the desire to end the feeling of thirst by having a soft drink instead of water.
So the job of adverting is simply to influence consumers to frequently make the decision of buying one product over another through direct and indirect methods. Direct methods tend to point out the advantages of the product and focus on how it can satisfy particular need or desire. Whereas the target of indirect methods is to influence the behavior of consumers (celebrities is an example of this).

The Development of product marketing and advertising methods
Methods of advertising changed recently- billboards, magazines, newspapers and TV commercials are no longer the most influencing tools on consumers, particularly young people. Being up to date and widespread, social media platforms became one of the most important tools which companies use for advertising. The importance of a social media platform depends on the country in which it is used. In Egypt, the users of Facebook are more than they are in Saudi Arabia where Twitter and Snapchat are the two most used platforms. So the social media platform needed for advertising must be chosen first then the identifying its users and their needs and finally working on the best suitable way to present that product to them.
Social media marketing is widely known to be used for more than just online purchases, but it is also for in-store shopping. This is the role of advertising companies which is communicating consumers to brands and one of those Digital Marketing companies is Tree Advertising in Egypt.
So consumers should know that all the advertisements they see and the opinions they get to know have a great impact on their purchase decisions and they are the true decision makers of the buying process.