Providing professional services or product needed professional marketing and social media which can get it through have a partnership with a digital agency.

Advertising and Digital marketing agencies are interested in how to find new clients.

According to mention, one study found that 94% of agencies say that the cooperation that starts from the beginning to the end is the key to a perfect product, and 100% of customers agree on it.

Recently we may notice some overlaps and conflicts between some agencies and their clients.

But in order to have a good relationship with the agency, everyone has to know the key role to play

So let us know what is the main steps to build a good relationship between digital agency and clients.


Step 1: Preparing and discovery

Client’s role: In this step, the client should provide accurate and clear brief as it will determine the response and results the client will get back.

So what professional brief should contain?

  • Company background: what is the history of the business, what the company does, what your services or products and brand personality, tone or style, etc…
  • Brand need: the reasons why you provide this brief in this time
  • Brand objectives: what you’re looking forward to achieving by using digital marketing.
  • Target audience: who is your audience and their demographics and geographic.
  • Competitors: who are your main competitors.
  • Key project deliverables: like branding, social media management, apps, websites and etc…
  • Timelines: when do campaigns or digital plans need to be published.
  • Budget: what is your budget you want to invest in digital marketing at a specific time.

Note:  this will help the agency to set its recommendations and what you will get within your budget.

It’s time to send a brief to some agencies after known all info and services  about these agencies through their website, accounts on social media or relations

So the website of the agency has to show all the services and what they can provide to clients like the website of Tree advertising that you can collect all the data you need to know.

Agency’s role: Based on brief that the agency received from a client they will prepare digital proposal depends on client requirements but it prefers to contain:

  • About your agency: what do you provide like 2d videos, social media management and so on and you can show success case study that you achieved with another client.
  • Digital statistics: this will reflect the insights about users and targeted markets or platforms.
  • Competitive analysis: what about competitors works and what they do.
  • Current situation: about the client’s brand that will show the strength and weakness points.
  • Digital marketing objectives: set digital marketing objectives that will achieve the general marketing objectives of the brand
  • Content marketing strategy: which will show (target audience, brand persona, content pillars, ideas and campaigns with samples to be more clear)
  • Media buying: providing the potential numbers will the budget can achieve.
  • Tools and measurement: what’re the tools the agency will use to reach the best performance and best measurement.


Step 2: hiring a digital marketing agency

According to the manifest 2018 social media survey of over 300 social media marketer, they found that most companies hire digital marketing agencies based on price, referrals and culture fit.

Client’s role: After client received proposal and discuss in the proposal with the agency’s team and listen to their ideas and opinions client hire the agency, but from our side we see that the main standard to hire the agency that you can trust it, trust on your data with them, and focus on their professionalism and creativity without depending on price only.

One of the best ways for you to hasten your success is to fully commit to and trust your agency and realize that social media and digital marketing may take time to see financial results as long as 6 – 12 months.

Agency’s role: In this time the agency needs to be sure that they have all the data and information needed to start work.

Account manager plays a dangerous role here that he is the responsible person to deliver the right and accurate info as it will be the base which team will work depending on it, and if one of this info not clear or incomplete that will waste time and effort to edit the work of the team again.

Note: Don’t forget there’s a big difference between making your client satisfy, or make your agency just subordinate to meet the client’s requests even if it has errors, always remember that you are his adviser, who dictates the right decisions to achieve its objectives not just the executor of orders.


Step 3: Communications Process

Depending on briefs and discussions with teams it’s time to kick off…

Client’s role: In this step, the client reviews the content provided by the agency and then he can approve or amend part of the content.

directions of the client’s amends have to be towards the brand identity such as the color of the brand, tone of voice, some of the features in their products and services or some deviations in the agreed direction, but the technical issues are the responsibility of the agency.

Agency’s role: As we clear that agency responsible for technical issues, and after the agency start to works on account of the client everyone in the team has a big role but there’s one of them is present the work of the agency, it’s the account manager who is the link between the agency and the client.
To know about the role of everyone in the team of an advertising agency (social media team, motion graphic team and so on .. ) waiting for the next blog.


Finally, according to the manifest 2018 social media survey let us know how business owners find social media agencies to hire.