This post presents a case study of Motion Graphics work produced by Tree Advertising with Microsoft Philanthropies MEA. Starting from the very beginning of the task, ideas, implementation, publishing, and measuring results.

Motion Graphics are a great way to communicate with audience, engage with them, and a great visual to deliver your message with many senses that the user can perceive easily, that includes presenting the message visually and acoustically. There is no doubt that Motion Graphics videos attain much attention as people interest in videos grow day after day ( According to a 2014 Levels Beyond survey, 40% of consumers said they would rather watch a brand video than read the same information).

Now we get back to our case study. Microsoft Philanthropies MEA is an initiative by Microsoft that aims to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Tree Advertising cooperated with Microsoft Philanthropies MEA to produce original pieces of Animation work to deliver the message to the relevant target audience.

Task: To create a series of Motion Graphics videos to empower and educate youth about the essential digital skills needed to be competitive in job market.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

All concepts, illustrations, and animation pieces created are products uniquely created by Tree Advertising at all stages.

**Insert samples of work and icons

Process: The process started with creating a set of well-organized scripts, a total number of four scripts to translate into four animated videos: each video planned to talk about an essential digital skill including how to search for the suitable job, how to prepare and organize your resume, and how to perform well in the job interview.
Stage 2 included the creation of the main concept art that can translate these scripts into videos that create the impact and deliver the message perfectly. This is what we call the Storyboard.

**Insert a shot from the storyboard

Stage 3 is the art direction where this storyboard is converted to style frames with main characters, video elements, and colors.
Adding characters was the key point here as they are able to communicate with the video viewer from the target audience directly with actions and facial expressions.

**Insert shot from characters

Stage 4 was the drawing of the whole videos illustrations like backgrounds, every details shown in the original scripts, and backgrounds to create the whole view that completes the story.
Stage 5 was the magical recipe, which is the animation; each move designed to deliver a message to educate and entertain the viewers in the best visual and acoustic way, parallel with the VO that completes the whole scene of the video.
Finally, the videos are ready for publishing, a series of four full videos that perfectly matched the task required produced with the highest quality.

**Insert a video


The four full-animated videos published through Microsoft Philanthropies MEA social platforms and channels. Total series duration was 9:47 minutes over the four videos.

The videos combined generated

  • More than 2,273,000 video views
  • More than 74,138 social engagements
  • More than 2,937 social shares

Audience engaged positively and lively with the videos, assuring that these videos added great value to them through the well-organized and presented work. Later a new version of videos released customized for the African people with same content and value but with more customized artwork.

**Insert the African version

Through this post, we reviewed the importance of Motion Graphics videos in business as explainer videos that add a great value and are perfectly suitable for delivering a message alongside audience education. We showed a case study for Motion Graphic Videos products that produced within Tree Advertising and how it helped to achieve main objective to raise the awareness about their initiative to educate and empower youth with the essential digital skills they need to be ready for their dream jobs.
The work generated many impressive results in terms of number of views and social engagement.