The future of digital marketing on Instagram

 October 2010 marked the launch of the most social media platform used by young people. It is an application which enables taking photos and sharing them after being processed by digital filters. It also enables sharing short and edited videos to build social networks and contact with others.

Instagram is considered to be a digital marketing tool which provides faster and easier communication and helps spreading advertisements on a wider range. Marketing using photos makes it effective and makes it popular for most brands. It is also developing continuously by adding new features to help its users of individuals and brands who use it for communication and marketing. Some of those features were already tested and others are under experiment before making them available for users.

  1. Voice Messages

It is a feature that enables sending voice messages instead of text making chats easier and more time saving. It was tested and became available for users in early 2019. Brands can use this feature for marketing and build better connection with their target audience.

  1. Alt Text description:

It enables making changes to Alternative Automatic Text to provide visual description of images for the blind and the visually impaired who use screen reader software to access Instagram.

  1. Saving Shoppable product

You can use it to save the products you want to buy under a list of Shopping Collections to which you can go back at the time of buying (just like in Facebook).

  1. Close friends list for Stories

It helps create a group of friends who can see any Story you post on Instagram. This can be useful when you want your stories to be viewed by specific people and also in marketing if you want to provide exclusive offers to a group of special clients.

Of course, Instagram will not stop at these updates. It is continuously developing in search for everything new to be up to date with the development happening now in all social media platforms.