Will TV commercials disappear soon?

 Since the appearance of the first TV commercial back in 1941, this kind of advertising became the most effective marketing tool which companies and business owners use. However, with rising popularity of the internet and the invasion of digital marketing and social media platforms, will this continue to be the same!

Of course, marketing concepts changed over the course of time after the rise of Digital Marketing and the debate that TV commercials will disappear soon.

Recently, the term Traditional Advertising emerged and many see that it refers mostly to TV commercials. However, this term is inaccurate, since what is meant by “traditional” is the content of the commercial rather than its type or where it is broadcasted. The traditional commercial is the one whose only target is encouraging consumers to buy a product with no other value to it and without any creativity in delivering its content. So social media ads can be described the same, if they have the same description.

However, in reality there are large numbers of TV audience who can never be ignored or over looked. It is a state which stands out during seasons in particular such as Ramdan or the World Cup with broadcasting a massive number of TV commercials.

Whether live-action or animated, TV commercials are very important because:

The way they deliver the message:

They deliver the advertising message simply and smoothly through voices, sounds, pictures and animation presenting a complete image about the product to consumers and potential customers. Recently, the integration of music and songs in commercials has been increasing largely because of their significant effect on consumers and how they can be memorable particularly when repeated.
*The following ads are some of Tree Advertising’s advertising projects in the perfume industry where we managed to deliver the intended message briefly and simply using a creative idea suitable to the target audience.

(Zohor Al-Rief Commirtial)

 The influence of TV commercials on consumers:

When your target customers watch your TV ads simultaneously with seeing your promotional content on social media platforms, they feel trust and have an impression of the power of your brand which in turn increases its credibility.

Potential Customers:

Some think that the TV commercials that are watched by millions don’t target customers accurately and they may reach untargeted audience. But this is not true. Product owners can hire advertising agencies to enable them to reach potential customers on the right time. Marketing platforms, where target customers are found, can achieve this as well by delivering the message and target of the ad the way your customers like to see or hear.

Despite being more costly than Social media ads or online marketing, TV commercials are still one of the important marketing methods in the Arab World, if used properly and at the right time.

Finally, we can’t predict that it may disappear soon; this is subject to a shift in the tendencies of the audience and the trends of the local and international markets. So the marketing process is directed only by the outcomes.